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As a young high school student, the owner of Lovely Gems became interested in gemstones, which led to a love affair with these beautiful rocks.

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Meticulously Crafted Accessories for All to Enjoy

Gemstones can bring joy and exhilaration into your life. As a young high school student, the owner of Lovely Gems became interested in gemstones, which led to a love affair with these beautiful rocks. This newfound interest led her into the industry and helped her understand what makes up each type of stone in each bracelet and necklace. Did you know that for centuries it was believed that certain gemstones have healing powers? 

The notion was that illnesses are caused by energy blockages in the body. Gemstones can help unblock these energies, thus resulting in better health overall. The benefits gemstones bring to the wearer can be both spiritual and physical.  They can attract love, happiness, confidence, good health, and success. If you're not a believer in the healing powers that gemstones provide, then you can still always simply enjoy their beauty! 

Understanding gemstones, rocks, and minerals can help you broaden your horizons and inspire you to value the little things in life. A gemstone is usually a mineral, but it has formed crystals and then been cut and polished by professionals. The study of gemstones is called gemology. In this field, researchers study the physical properties of the rock as seen by the naked eye as well as the magnification of the stone. 

The valuation of a gemstone is based on the gem's value provided by a gemologist or one who studies these gems. Polished gemstones are usually decorative and charming when you have a chance to see them up close. Unpolished gemstones look like ordinary rocks. Cutting and polishing allows them to have a brilliance and color that may not always be the case with other types of stones. Gemstones are usually classified as semi precious and precious stones. 

Examples of semi precious gemstones include amethyst, garnet, citrine, turquoise, and opal. Precious gemstones include diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Hand-made in the U.S.A., Lovely Gems bracelets and necklaces are great for every occasions. They also complement any look: casual, business, weddings, birthdays, and so much more.

Design Process

A great deal of thought went into the design and layout of the Lovely Gems E-Commerce website. The owner of Lovely Gems wanted a youthful, modern vibe to match the brand. Furthermore, they wanted a database on the backend that was strong and powerful enough to house thousands of products, but simple to use and add new products.

The result is a website that is trendsetting and original; it invites audiences of all ages to experience the wonder of gemstone bracelets and necklaces. The owner of Lovely Gems wrote us a terrific thank you card. Here is a portion of what she wrote:

I couldn't be happier with the result. I get customers from all over the USA telling me how easy it was to complete their transactions. When my customers are happy, I'm happy.

Final Thoughts

Every brick and mortar store needs an E-commerce website. The twenty-first century is defined by the switch from analog to digital. Your business deserves the most modern technology powering your sales. The faster your website, the simpler the payment process, the more sales you will complete. At Cerebrum, we ensure that all our E-commerce websites are built to last.

No detail is spared in everything from the design to the copywriting. At Cerebrum, the integrity of your brand is our primary concern when we build out your digital presence. If you are searching for an affordable business E-commerce website, get in touch with our team today. We are happy to go over all your options when it comes to building out your dream store on the web.


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